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From the Malabar Coast And Now At Crowne Plaza

The Malabar coast, like most of India’s west coast, traded with Arab countries for centuries. We got the bigger bargain on that deal. We got their cuisine. (Let’s leave gold out of this discussion.) The cuisine is rich with spices like cardamom and cloves, some of the items that were commonly traded (again, leave the gold out.) The cuisine is adapted differently in different parts of the coast depending on the availability of local ingredients as well. Malabar cuisine, for one, is from the Malabar coast and now at Crowne Plaza.

The hotel’s all day diner, 24@43 serves a variety of Indian and Western dishes. Till 14 April, 2017, they will serve Malabari dishes that will be an extension of their regular buffet. The meal includes lamb, seafood, egg dishes and more. There will also be live counters to cook the dishes to order. There are also Malabari desserts for those so inclined.

For reservations, call +91 80 30030303 or +91 96208 00513.

What: Malabar Food Festival

Where: 24@43 at Crowne Plaza

When: Till 14 April, 2017