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How To Detox After Deepavali

You binged. Admit it. You were on a reduced sweetened milk overdrive. And then you ate lots of fried food and drank lots of alcohol - and now your pants don’t fit.

Stuffed to the gills, your fitness goals hit for a six, it's time to detox.

Get all the unhealthy stuff that you've put in your body, out. Cleanse your system.

"A detox diet involves nourishing the body with food or drink to help remove toxins," Mayura Kutappa, co-owner of Forage (a health-conscious restaurant) told Explocity, "extreme detox diets are done with just liquids and juices, but a more gentle detox would be to eat clean unprocessed food that is sugar, wheat and dairy free and drinking a lot of water for at least two weeks."

"Detox diet boosts health and well being," Bikash Parikh, founder Little Green Cafe told us, "it improves digestion, helps one shed some extra kilos and gives a nice glow."

How To Detox After Deepavali

According to the health food mavens, your body will absorb nutrients and vitamins better. The removal of toxins releases more energy.

While going the whole hog (we know that’s an unfortunate pun) with detoxification may not be up everyone's alley (we did that on purpose) there are some things you can do to cleanse your system post the Deepavali mayhem. "Eat light," Kutappa said. "Up your water intake and be mindful of what the body needs."

Parikh said that besides hydrating yourself, replace fatty and oily food with raw food , food rich in fibre and vitamins. Go easy on the alcohol and caffeine and try and get some exercise like walking into your routine.

So what are the sort of dishes you can eat that'll help you detox? "For a gentle detox diet the soupy lamb on Forage's menu would ideal because of the lamb broth is flavoured with ginger and red wine vinegar," Kutappa said. "It also has spinach which abundant in iron and the ginger has anti inflammatory values and the red wine vinegar helps as a cleanser."

How To Detox After Deepavali

Parik plugged his restaurant’s menu to offer detox diets. That list included a Vietnamese Pho with ingredients like… er… Vietnamese Pho: cabbage, zucchini, bok choy, spices like ginger, light soy, white pepper black pepper and soba noodles is both nourishing and flavourful. You can't get healthier than a smoothie that has banana, the fun of peanut butter and all that's healthy with milk, homemade granola and honey. A whole lot of salads: Classic Greek salad, Crisp Asian salad, Raw Papaya and Soba Noodle (buckwheat noodle) salad , Indian Street Style Green Gram salad ,Pear and Beetroot salad with Greens are gluten-free and rich in enzymes,vitamins and protein. Juices like Orange dill juice , watermelon basil , pineapple mint , carrot and ginger , muskmelon and rosemary slushie, lemon mint cooler with basil seeds help one stay hydrated and are rich in vitamins.

There’s another reason to cleanse oneself quickly post-Deepavali. Christmas is coming up soon.