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New Desserts At Cafe Mangii

There is a new menu with new desserts at Cafe Mangii outlets in Bangalore. The restaurant is known for its Mediterranean and European cuisine.

The dessert menu by Corporate Chef Ajay Thakur has popular desserts like Philadelphia Bake Cheese Cake, Mocha Fudge Treat, Tiramisu and Apple Crumble. The specials on the menu are Moelleux is a french butter biscuit called a sable. This is made with 100% chocolate and served with vanilla ice cream. Nutella Surprise Crunch is an eggless milk chocolate mousse with a hazelnut cremeux. Esterhazy is an almond cake with chocolate cream and orange marmalade.

Their highlight new dessert is a 34 Layered Cake. This cake is made with 54% chocolate mousse that is 34 layers.

This new dessert menu will be available at UB City and Orion Mall outlets of Cafe Mangii.