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Silhouette - Sakshi Agarwal

1. How do you stay fit?
I have always monitored my calorie intake since college. I am currently trying out the “Hamptons Diet” which is all about quality carbs – the less processed the better. I also am a keen organic foodie wherever possible.

2. What do you love most about Bangalore?
I love the people here and the overall attitude. Bangalore has been very welcoming to me on both professional and personal front. I started my modelling and acting career in Bangalore and I give all the credit to the city and the industry here for whatever I am today

3. What's next on the work front?
The Kannada film - Heddari. It caught my attention because of various reasons. This movie has action packed graphics for 27 minutes. The director Tejasvi is working on some amazing hi-fi graphics, which seems to be attempted for the first time in the Kannada Film Industry. Apart from this, there are a few other Tamil and Kannada films.

4. Tell us one thing you love about your work and one thing you dislike.
I love hectic schedules and the fact that I am busy always despite giving up consultancy in a high profile MNC.I love facing the camera and exploring my creative side. Nothing that I dislike.