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Chef Speaks - Chef Shajji Sha

Chef Name: Shajji Sha, Pastry Head Chef

Hotel/Restaurant Name: The Lalit Ashok, 24/7

Sunday Brunch

Price: Rs 1750 + tax

Many restaurants in the city offer brunch, what is so special about your brunch that people will come and eat here?

Here at The Lalit Ashok we don’t just offer elaborate scrumptious buffet but we also offer ‘Family & Fun – by creating excitement conducting lot of activities for kids like cookie decorations, crooner games & by proving kids an access to exclusive kids play area; Wine & Dine – by providing best of space to diners at lawns to create picnic environment with choicest drinks; Barbeque & Grill – by having lot of live counters of grills, sushi, chaats etc ; Health & Fitness – by adding organic food in the menu for health conscious people & providing access to Tennis Court & Swimming pool with compliments ’.

We have personalised chefs preparing their delicacies on grills, live pizza with mouth watering toppings. We offer street favourites like Pav bhaji, chaat corners; sushi and greens. Active station for kids with chocolate fountain, cookie decorations etc are part of brunch. We offer array of desserts from Indian to western. And all this can be enjoyed with sunny swimming at the pool.


What is your signature brunch dish?

Every dish prepared here is signature dish, if have to name few then it would be Oven Baked Chicken Roulade with Fresh Tomato Salsa, Roasted leg of lamb on carving lamp & Tofu Broccoli Dumplings in Sweet Chilly Sauce.


What is your most popular brunch dish?

Chilli brownie with salted caramola is one of the popular dishes here.


What is your most disastrous brunch dish?

I haven’t come across any dish at brunch which was disastrous.


Do you have many options for vegetarians in your brunch menu?

Yes ,we do have varieties of veggie dishes like Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup, Chote Baingan Masaledar Aur Laal Simla Mirch,Chenne Mutter Ki Bhujia, Stir Fried Chinese Greens In Butter Garlic,and more. We do offer organic selections, gluten free, sugar free, lactose free dishes.

I would recommend food lovers to try Shaslik in veg and non-veg, pizza and Chilli brownie with salted Caramola.

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