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Chef Speaks - Chef Sourav Saha

Chef Name: Sourav Saha

Hotel/Restaurant Name: Best Western Premier La Marvella

Sunday Brunch

Price: Rs 699 + tax (beer and wine)

Many restaurants in the city offer brunch, what is so special about your brunch that people will come and eat here?

We are the only restaurant offering brunch buffet in south Bangalore. We have a balanced mix of north Indian and south Indian comfort food along with food from around the world like Chinese, Thai, continental and Italian. We use FSSAI approved suppliers and our preparations are fresh. If I count everything on offer at the buffet including dressings and dip the count will be approx 171 items.


What is your signature brunch dish?

Alishaan Murgh Tikka, Ikan Pepe and Pasta in homemade sun dried tomato paste.


What is your most popular brunch dish?

Pla tod namprik pow.


What is your most disastrous brunch dish?

None that I can come up with, but yes once a guest asked me for vanilla icecream at room temperature.


Do you have many options for vegetarians in your brunch menu?

There are 10 vegetarian salads, 3 veg appetizers, live chaat counter serving 12 types of chaats, live pasta counter with 12 types of pasta, live dosa counter – serving 3 varieties of dosas , Veg Momos and of course the main course that has 13 types of dishes from multi cuisine. We also have 6 vegetarian desserts plus 3 types of eggless icecreams.

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