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Chef Speaks - Chef Ramasamy Selvaraju

Chef Name: Ramasamy Selvaraju

Hotel/Restaurant Name: Vivanta By Taj, MG Road

Sunday Brunch

Price: Rs 1750 + tax

Many restaurants in the city offer brunch, what is so special about your brunch that people will come and eat here?

Pool side brunch with array of live counters around the pool, special kids activity area and kids buffet, elaborate selection of Indian and international delicacies.


What is your signature brunch dish?

Roast pork leg Virginia, oyster bar, interactive sea food grill / tapeniyaki, nalli roganjosh,  Mexican tacos and burrito counter.


What is your most popular brunch dish?

Sea food grill, authentic hyderbadi biryani, nalliyon ka rizala, lucknowi kebabs, coorgi mutton curry, prawn balchao.


What is your most disastrous brunch dish?

All the dishes done are popular.


Do you have many options for vegetarians in your brunch menu?

Vegetarian options

·         Indian vegetarian options 8-10 dishes

·         Appam counter live

·         Vegetarian pastas

·         Live pizzeria

·         Live parathas counter

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