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Swati Sinha Likes A Hole In The Wall

Swati Sinha is a foodie and given a choice, she’d pick Indian food over any other. But she makes an exception for Hole In The Wall’s English breakfast. Here she is, in conversation with Explocity.


Are you a foodie?



What’s your favourite cuisine?

Hmmm. I would say traditional Indian food.


What’s the last place that you went to in Bangalore that you really enjoyed? What did you eat there that stood out?

I very recently went to Hole In The Wall. They serve an amazing English Breakfast. I went there last Sunday. It’s an amazing place to chill and eat good food.


What’s your favourite dish of all time and where did you eat it?

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani. I like Meghana Biryani in Bangalore. They have a Special Chicken Biryani and the Andhra Biryani. I like these flavours.


What is your least favourite dish?

I don’t like pudding.


If you have to recommend a place to our readers what would it be?

Sunday Brunch at Radisson Blu Atria. That’s the best place to for a great brunch.