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Travelling Sushi Festival At Shizusan

Sushi has become a global sensation and to celebrate International Sushi Day, there is a Travelling Sushi Festival at Shizusan. The Sushi Festival has eight maki rolls that are made to represent eight countries and their local dishes.

The menu is not only Japanese and Chef Paul Kinny says, “this menu is inspired by signature local dishes of various regions and is a result of months of research and experimentation.”

Take the Mediterranean Roll, this is made with hummus. Similarly the Greek Maki is made with Greek cheeses like feta and tzatziki. Then there is the Tequila + Activated Charcoal Maki Roll which is a Jamaican roll made with crayfish and spicy jerk mayo. Amongst others, there is also a Sri Lankan roll and a Peking Duck roll.

The festival is ongoing and intends to be an “ode to world travel.”

At Shizusan.