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Why Bicycles And Food Go Together At  Ciclo Cafe In Indiranagar

As food and fashion become the cornerstones of lifestyle, it follows that any brand trying to sell into the space will try and tag themselves to one or the other. Books and coffee is one. Bicycles and food make a joint statement at Ciclo Cafe in Indiranagar.

The old and reputable TI Cycles - the bicycle stalwarts from Chennai - saw the potential with the growing fad of cycling among lifestyle mavens. And these people like food, specifically healthy food. Speaking to Explocity, Ashish Thadani, CEO, TI Absolute Concepts, “We launched Ciclo Café to promote cycling as a culture in India. Bengaluru has cycling aficionados and foodies. We are delighted to be a part of the vibrant restaurant culture of the city.”

Therefore, the Ciclo Cafe and Bicycle Store, a brand new venture that boasts of both a cycling store and a cycling-themed restaurant.

In the cafe, cycles hang from the ceiling and the walls. Lamps made up of small cycle spokes deck the lower floor, and if you looked upwards you will see the chandeliers that are made from cycle chains and large spokes.

Why Bicycles And Food Go Together At  Ciclo Cafe In Indiranagar

Mrinmoy Acharya, culinary head of Ciclo told Explocity, “We believe that people can eat good food and also work out, thus maintaining a balance. Ciclo was started with one simple focus: cater to the needs of hungry cyclists who need all the energy they can get. We started in one city, and within two years we’ve expanded to over four locations.”

Acharya said the cafe tries to incorporate healthy eating without ruining the fun.

“Most of our breads and pastas are made with whole wheat, and nothing more. And when it comes to beverages, all our juices are cold-pressed, natural juices. Wherever we can substitute ingredients for something healthy, we have.”

Breakfast is the most popular (read, crowded) time of the day for Ciclo, when hungry office-goers cycle up to the cafe to load up on calories for the day ahead. Not surprisingly, more people show up for food than they do for bicycles.

Why Bicycles And Food Go Together At  Ciclo Cafe In Indiranagar

Ciclo Cafe’s menu is expansive. They offer staples like chicken wings, ribs, french fries but they pedal harder to include creations like the Concoction Juices (three drastically different ingredients together in the cold press). There’s the Gun-Powdered Karari Roomali, a dish that is as exciting as it sounds. And there are the Mushroom Baos, the hummus and pita bread and the Telangana Mutton. You would need to kick the stand off the cycle and get on a ride with this one.

Ciclo Cafe is located at Indiranagar, on 12th Main Road.