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Chef Speaks - Chef Uchit Vohra

Chef Name - Chef Uchit Vohra

Restaurant/Hotel Name - ITC Windsor

Burrah Sahib Sunday Brunch

Price: Rs 1950 + tax (no alcohol)

Rs 2350 + tax (with sparkling wine and spirits)


Many restaurants in the city offer brunch, what is so special about your brunch that people will come and eat here?

Our all new Summer Brunch is all the same yet so new. It’s the The New Burrah Sahib Sunday Brunch with Live Music has started full swing at the ITC Windsor. The Sunday Brunch has just got a Cool Makeover with the advent of summer. Summer Colours are vibrant all over... Yellows and Oranges.....Peaches and Pinks and Cream & Whites... Start with Dublin; go through Raj Pavilion, Royal Afghan and Dakshin. Yours for the asking, the mouth watering delectable includes an array of summary nibbles and soothing cocktails & mocktails which are light & scrumptious beverages like slushes, flavoured mojitoes, sangrias.

My revamped menu includes a lot of short grazing eats along with equal availability of choices for both vegetarians & non vegetarians. The food can be enjoyed & had through Dublin, Raj Pavilion, Dakshin and The Royal Afghan.

Finally its not only the food, it’s the ambience, the setting and the mood which prevails. At the ITC Windsor, we have made sure you have all of these in your Sunday Brunch. You will be glad to know that we also have a Kids Corner by the poolside with a lot of fun activities out there like face painting, colouring, balloon crafting, bead arts being some of them. The moment you walk in through the Dublin, the live music there is sure to enthral and captivate your senses. Be it the the juggling, or the bartender mixing your drink, the action is right there…in front of you!

What is your signature brunch dish?

Balsamic mushroom in butter crust Slow roast pork leg served with hoisin glaze and stewed apples.


What is your most popular brunch dish?

Every dish is thoroughly contemplated for brunch. We keep on regularly changing the dishes for the brunch.

But the favourites are…

·    prawn cocktail

·    keema chop

·    chocolate lava pudding

·    live western grill section is very popular as well


What is your most disastrous brunch dish?

Nothing as such. I think every dish on the buffet have their takers. If its a disastrous dish then it will not be on my brunch menu.


Do you have many options for vegetarians in your brunch menu?

Yes, our buffets are equally balanced with veg and non veg options.


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