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Easter Meets April Fools Day

Easter is not fun and games for just the kids. Adults should have fun too. Especially this year, since it coincides with April Fool’s Day. So join in the revelry where Easter Meets April Fools Day. And then you sit down for a traditional meal with the family.
This would be a fun tradition to add to the Easter repertoire. And what better way than to learn from Furious Pete. Furious Pete is a professional competitive speed eater and fitness athlete. (See video at the bottom of this article).

And from a website in Austin, Texas, these pranks. Not all of them can be replicated here in India, but they are all quite funny, except if you're the one being pranked:

If you have a fun (and evil) side, I dare you to try some of the following ideas for Aprils Fools’ and Easter Pranks:
Switch your kid to another bed while they’re sleeping. They’ll wake up super confused.
Put fake bugs in their bed or in their room. They’ll wake up to quite the surprise. Screaming may occur.
Wake them up in the morning wearing a funny wig but pretend it’s totally normal.
Rearrange your kids’ drawers while they’re sleeping. For example, when they reach for shorts they get socks.
Affix a party popper to your kid’s door while they’re sleeping. They’ll open the door to a loud “pop” sound in the morning.
Stick googly eyes on the food in the fridge or the pantry so it looks like all of the food is staring at them.
Freeze your kid’s cereal bowl and give it to them in the morning like you just poured it. They will have a hard time getting the spoon in.
Tell your kids you’ve baked them brownies but really they’re large brown paper E’s.
Cover the remote sensor with a piece of tape so the TV won’t work.
Put a few dye pellets under the cap of your faucet so the water is colored when they turn it on to brush their teeth.
Tape a large picture of someone scary (example: the clown from It) on the underside of the toilet lid so when they sleepily lift it up, it gives them quite a scare.
Switch the bags from two different boxes of cereal to confuse your little ones. “I wanted Frosted Flakes!”
Serve a glass of juice that is really jello congealed in a juice cup.
Give your husband decaffeinated coffee instead of regular.
Tell your kids that the Easter bunny didn’t come (if you really want to see tears).
Rewrap the small Cadbury eggs with grapes.
Put grape tomatoes on a stick and wrap with lollipop wrapper.
Put whoopie cushions under the couch cushions. When they sit down, they’ll be in for a funny surprise.
Put jelly beans in the ice dispenser for a fun surprise.
Use a donut box and replace the donuts with brussels sprouts (or whatever veggie is least liked).
Put large pieces of bubble wrap under an area rug and wait for the fun.
Fill Easter eggs with fake money.
Glue eggs shut.
Fill your yard with Peeps on a stick for fun.
Hang or glue Easter eggs from the ceiling for a funny surprise.
Put BeanBoozled jelly beans inside some of the eggs. (For those not familiar, BeanBoozled jelly beans have flavors like Spoiled Milk, Barf, and Toothpaste.)
Put brown jelly beans in a trail towards the door and leave a small note “Sorry, I really had to go! Love, the Easter Bunny.” (Poop is a HUGE source of laughter for younger kids.)
Fill Easter eggs with their favorite candy, but just the empty wrappers.
Have them hunt for eggs before you’ve actually hidden them. See how long it takes them to realize it.
Make their Easter baskets funny- instead of a basket of candy, why not a basket of cleaning supplies for their room or bathroom?

And now here's Furious Pete's video:


Keep your pranks filled with love.


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