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How 3 Bangalore Small Businesses Cope With Covid


Without exception, all businesses have had to reimagine a life with coronavirus and revamp their businesses. Bangalore, known as the start-up capital of the country, automatically shows resilience and the imagination of entrepreneurs.

Have More Bangaloreans Adopted Dogs During The Lockdown


Explocity spoke to Bismi Anil of Duma’s Animal Welfare Trust who says there has been an increase in adoptions and most people are opting for Indie pups rather than breeds.

Police Dog Squad Get A Whole New Activity Park


More space was needed for the training and well-being of the dogs besides the need to expand to handle the additional dogs that are in line to be inducted into the force.

Ten Acres Of Love And Care - The Bangalore Police Dog Squad


Off to the side, set in 100 acres of land is a police campus. And in it, is the dog squad - a 10-acre area devoted to the training and handling of the police dogs.

There Will Be Hot Cross Buns In Bangalore This Easter

Bakery Bangalore

The Karnataka government sent out a circular saying bakery and related products are now exempt from the lockdown. This means that there needs to be no furtiveness about selling hot cross buns, a symbolic staple of the season.

Nov 01 1998

The Battle For Cubbon Park

Bangalore Civic Heritage

Activist Leo Saldanha on how Bangaloreans saved Cubbon Park

May 01 1996

The Conspiracy To Kill Cubbon Park

Bangalore Civic Heritage

How a concerned citizen, an environmentalist and a judicial activist saved Cubbon Park