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Coronavirus Update: Dogs Do Not Spread Coronavirus, BBMP Will Fine You For Abandoning Your Pet


Many in Bangalore and other parts of the country have begun to abandon their pet dogs in this crisis because of this rumour, Priya Chetty-Rajagopal told Explocity, “this information is not at all true. If anything we are transmitting the virus to our dogs and not the other way around.”

Coronavirus in Bangalore: Police Feed Over 300 Stray Dogs In Lockdown


The lockdown and the closing of the restaurants, particularly street food vendors, has left the hundreds of street dogs without a source for food.

Coronavirus In Bangalore  - In The Lockdown With Inspector Shivaprasad Of Bangalore Police


Shivaprasad was on his way to instruct his traffic cops, beat cops and constables after a meeting with DCP, where he received his instructions for the day. We rode along with him to Trinity Circle, one of the busiest junctions in Central Bangalore.

Coronavirus In Bangalore - The Challenges Of Enforcing The Lockdown


Not many appreciate that in the frontlines of the war, the police have the worst gig. They are less prepared -- in terms of gear and mentally -- than the medical fraternity. They have to persuade a city of millions to stay home for weeks.

Do You Need An Essential Services Pass In This Lockdown? How to apply


Coded, tested and released in only three days, the portal has reduced the burden on both the cops and the public.

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