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Jibondhuli: The Story of a Drummer and His Family during the Liberation War of Bangladesh, 1971


Oct 17 2022 to Oct 17 2022 6 p.m.



Bangalore International Centre

7 4th Main Rd, Stage 2, Domlur 560071

Event Description

Bengali, English | 2014 | Bangladesh | 97 min | Tanvir Mokammel During the liberation war of Bangladesh against Pakistan in 1971, Jibonkrishna Das, a poor lower-caste Hindu drummer, was eking out living with his wife and two children. Being from lower-caste, Jibon was subjected to all kinds of humiliation both by his Muslim neighbours as well as by the upper caste Hindus. During the war in 1971 when Pakistan army occupied Jibon’s village, Jibon along with other villagers, tried to flee to India. On the way, his family members were massacred by the Pakistani soldiers. Jibon survived, and after roaming around the war-ravaged countryside, finally returned to his native village which was then being brutally ruled by the Razakars, an Islamic auxiliary force collaborating with the Pakistan army. The commander of the Razakars spared Jibon’s life on the condition that he had to play drum for his marauding force. Jibon’s situation became very ironic but his humanity and artistic instincts thrived at the end…. Following the screening the director Tanvir Mokammel will talk about the film. This will be followed by a Q&A session. Script & Direction by Tanvir Mokammel Cinematography by Mahfuzur Rahman Khan Editing by Mahadeb Shi Chief Assistant Director & Art Direction by Uttam Guha Music by Syed Shabab Ali Arzoo Dress by Chittralekha Guha Assistant Directors Sagir Mostafa, Rana Masud and Sayed Sumon Presented by Saifur Rahman Co-Produced by Karukaz Produced by Kino-Eye Films Cast: Shatabdi Wadud, Ramendu Majumder, Tabibul Islam Babu, Wahida Mallik Joly, Chittralekha Guha, Joytika Joyti, Rafika Eva, Uttam Guha, Iqbal Hossain, Paresh Archaya, Pran Roy, Rimu Khandker, Riaz Mahmud Jewel, Mrinal Dutta, Jamilur Rahman Shakha, Anisur Rahman Selim, S.A. Bokhari, Rajib Salehin, Syed Shabab Ali Arzoo, Sagir Mostafa, Rana Masud, Motiur Sumon, Aranya, Bint and some group theatre activists.

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