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Mysuru Wodeyara Sangeetopasane - Patrons and Practitioners of Music


Sep 28 2023 to Sep 28 2023 6:30 p.m.



Bangalore International Centre

7 4th Main Rd, Stage 2, Domlur 560071

Event Description

70 minutes | English This documentary made by Dr. Meera Rajaram Pranesh and Dr. A Pranesh focuses on the music and musicians during the period of the Wodeyars and seeks to reflect the grandeur of Mysore’s rich cultural heritage and the contribution of the Wodeyars in patronising, preserving and propagating Indian Music.

The Wodeyars were the Kings of Mysore who ruled for over five centuries from 1399-1947. Many of the Kings were composers and accomplished musicians themselves, or connoisseurs of art, and played an important part in preserving several art forms. During their rule many Carnatic and Hindustani musicians performed in the court. Music was composed for festivals, royal birthdays, weddings and otherwise; some were the work of court musicians and visiting artists, while interestingly some were composed by the Kings themselves.

The 70 minute documentary features select songs, suitable visuals to complement the commentary, and pictures of rulers with their court musicians to highlight each ruler’s period.

In collaboration with: Speakers Meera Rajaram Pranesh & A Pranesh Concept, Script & Direction Dr. Meera Rajaram Pranesh, a musician and musicologist, and Dr. Pranesh, a medical doctor and a keen wildlife photographer, are passionate about Indian Art and Culture. They are ardent travellers and have brought out a couple of documentaries like Sri Chakra Darshana and Dasha Maha Vidya- The 10 cosmic powers. They are promoting Indian art and culture through their organisation ‘Vanamala Centre for Art and Culture.’

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