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Dec 10 | 8 p.m.

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About Refuge

Aman Mahajan finds keys to the human condition – on a piano

Refuge is a set of musical themes exploring ideas of home and paying homage to inward journeys. Although created through an intensely personal process, the music deals with the human condition, and finds resonance with listeners across the globe.

Composed between 2005–2018, the music thrives on a synthesis of myriad influences – jazz, Indian music, European classical music, East Asian themes, West African music, and folk music from around the world. Equal parts structured and improvised, Refuge has been performed in various instrumentations, featuring instruments as diverse as tabla, duduk, saxophones, vocals, bass clarinet and drum set.

Casual and extended improvisation play a key role in exploring each theme.

This is essentially a collection of pieces that originated on the piano, and travelled across continents on various collaborations meeting a multitude of musicians and audiences along the way, to return to the piano in this avatar.